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So I’m thinking of buying either an Xbox 360, PS3, or Nintendo 3ds. Which should I buy?

It all depends on what games you want. In my opinion, ps3 has better exclusives(the last of us, infamous, etc). I own a 360 and all I can say is that is does it’s job. I don’t know how much memory the ps3 comes with but with xbox, it sucks. It comes with like 5gb and if you want more, dish out $60-120 for a proper hard drive.

And despite also owning one, I don’t recommend a 3ds. You’re probably never gonna use the 3d feature because it hurts your eyes and you have to hold the device very still. You also don’t have the opportunity to play with other people and it’s got like 5(animal crossing, Pokemon, ssb, Zelda, Mario kart) good games and definitely doesn’t compare to the wide variety of games the ps3 and Xbox have to offer. I haven’t touched my 3ds in months.




Everything seems to be sexist today in society.

That is sexist, this is sexist, you’re sexist, I’m sexist. A sexy woman? That’s sexist. An ugly woman? That’s sexist. Video games? Sexist. Music? Sexist. Instruments? Sexist. Movies? Sexist. Novels? Sexist. Advertisements? Sexist. The pavement? Sexist. Clothing? Sexist. Comic Sans? Sexist. Males? Sexist. Females? Sexist. Babies? Sexist. Sex? Sexist. Sexism? Sexist. Air? Sexist.














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shit son

holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shit

if you actually believe this you’re dumb as hell

open a history book instead of scrolling down your dash 

hate to break it to you

but we didn’t ever drop a nuclear bomb on Germany

But we didn’t hesitate to drop it on Japan.


The effects of that bomb still affects citizens, today, if you know basic chemistry and understand how radioactive decay works. There are children and adults still suffering from cancerous effects just from being in the area of the blast zone for too long…80+ years LATER.

Not to mention that the fact that they would rather bomb Japan than Germany tells me there was some racist bias involved in that decision.

Time Travel is white privilege. Because the Nazis surrendered May 8th, 1945. The first nuclear weapon was finished being built by July and first tested July 16th, 1945. Months after the German surrender. 

"Not to mention that the fact that they would rather bomb Japan than Germany tells me there was some racist bias involved in that decision." Not a single decision like that ever took place. 

"but we didn’t ever drop a nuclear bomb on Germany". Maybe because it didn’t exist until after the German surrender?

But yeah, this is no less than I expect from SJWs, because all fascist and tyrants rewrite history to suit their views and feels.

Oh, yeah, and the first H bomb didn’t even exist until 1953, 8 years after the war.

Not to mention Japan was why America actively entered the war. And no one knew what it would do. Radioactive and cancer are not old concepts. They didn’t understand what it did. Hindsight is 20/20.

And the reason they attacked america was because the US cut off their oil supply. And the reason the US cut off Japans oil supply was because Japan was going a rape and mass murder parade through china. But the SJWs never mention that because 1: It means that PoC are capable of hate and atrocities. 2: That the evil whities actually helped the Chinese (who are PoC), by cutting off supplies from the people who were oppressing them (actual oppression, not what the SJWs shit themselves about)

Fucking tumblr needs to back off and take history lessons before they go out making factually incorrect bullshit posts just to try to make all white people look bad.

Oh, one more Fun facts

Number of Japanese civilian deaths during World War 2: 360,000

Number of German civilian deaths during World War 2: 3.8 Million.

Not even supporting what’s above but well yeah Germany is gonna have more, Japan far as fuck from the war grounds.

I read the picture and the first few comments and all I could think is ?????????? Are these people for real????

- Germany surrendered, Japan didn’t and showed no signs of doing so. 

- The bomb was finished after Germany’s surrender

- No one knew just how bad the affects of the bomb would be

i mean, I’m still divided on whether is was a morally correct decision but.. Tumblr’s lack of basic historical knowledge really concerns me(forget history, it’s all just racism!!!!). Pick up a goddamn history book, jesus christ. And the author of that book is even more stupid. 


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